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   AirRepair® Sealant Kit AR Yes
   AirRepair® Sealant Primer AR Yes
   AirRepair® Sealant Putty AR Yes
   AquaKleen® Fiber Cleaner AQ Yes
   BonDuit® Conduit Adhesive Kit BT Yes
   Boom Prewash Wipes (cat #B-1 & B-D72) B Yes
   Boom Wash Concentrate BWC Yes
   CableFree® Loosener CF Yes
   CableKleen Flooding Compound Remover CK Yes
   CableWash Solution CWS Yes
   Dyna-Blue® Cable Pulling Lubricant D Yes
   FST Foam Sealant Kit FST Yes
   FST Foam Sealant Kit (Burst Pack) FST Yes
   FiberKleen Fiber Cleaner FC Yes
   GrandSlam Pipe Joint Lubricant GSQ Yes
   GrandSlam Wintergrade Lubricant GWQ Yes
   Grime-Away Cleaning Wipes HTC Yes
   HydraSol® Remover Bulk Packages HS Yes
   HydraSol® Remover Wipes (cat #HS-1) HS Yes
   HydraSol® Remover Canister (cat #HS-D72) HS Yes
   IceFree Antifreeze Gel System WS Yes
   InstaGrout Sealant Barrier PMT Yes
   Network Loop Cable Pulling Lubricant NL Yes
   Packing Installation Lubricant PL Yes
   PedFloor Structural Foam Sealant Barrier PF Yes
   Polywater® A Cable Pulling Lubricant A Yes
   Polywater® CLR Cable Pulling Lubricant CLR Yes
   Polywater® CGL Comm. Gel Lubricant CGL Yes
   Polywater® CPL Pourable Comm. Lubricant CPL Yes
   Polywater® F Cable Pulling Lubricant F Yes
   Polywater® FTTx Cable Pulling Lubricant FTTx Yes
   Polywater® G Cable Pulling Lubricant G Yes
   Polywater® J Cable Pulling Lubricant J Yes
   Polywater® LZ Cable Pulling Lubricant LZ Yes
   Polywater® NB Cable Pulling Lubricant NB Yes
   Polywater® NN Cable Pulling Lubricant NN Yes
   Polywater® PJ Cable Pulling Lubricant PJ Yes
   Polywater® PR Power Cable Lubricant PR Yes
   Polywater® SPY Cable Pulling Lubricant SPY Yes
   Polywater® WCGL Comm. Gel Lubricant WCGL Yes
   Polywater® WCPL Pourable Comm. Lubricant WCPL Yes
   Polywater® WF Cable Pulling Lubricant WF Yes
   Polywater® WJ Cable Pulling Lubricant WJ Yes
   Polywater® WLZ Cable Pulling Lubricant WLZ Yes
   Polywater® WNB Cable Pulling Lubricant WNB Yes
   Polywater® WNN Cable Pulling Lubricant WNN Yes
   Polywater® WPJ Cable Pulling Lubricant WPJ Yes
   Polywater® WSPY Cable Pulling Lubricant WSPY Yes
   PowerPatch® Pad N Pole™ Repair BRK Yes
   PowerPatch® Sealant Kit EP Yes
   PowerPatch® Sealant Putty EP Yes
   PowerPatch® Sealant cartridge KIT EPCT Yes
   Prelube 2000 Cable Blowing Lubricant P Yes
   Prelube 2000 Wintergrade Lubricant WP Yes
   Prelube 5000 Microcable Blowing Lubricant PM Yes
   QuicKleen Fiber Cleaner QC Yes
   RBG Rubber Goods Cleaner RBG Yes
   S-1 Hot Stick Wipes S Yes
   Solar Panel Wash SPW Yes
   Splice Shield Repair Sealant CS Yes
   SqueekyKleen Telcom Cleaner (Bulk Packages) TC Yes
   SqueekyKleen Telcom Cleaner (Wipe Packages) TC Yes
   Type EFW Isopropanol Wipe EFW Yes
   Type CG Cold Galvanizing (cat #CG-13) CG Yes
   Type FD Cleaner Aerosol (cat #FD-9) FD Yes
   Type FD Cleaner Bulk Packages FD Yes
   Type FO Cleaner Bulk Packages FO Yes
   Type FO Cleaner Wipes (cat #FO-1) FO Yes
   Type GP Cleaner Bulk Packages GP Yes
   Type GP Cleaner Wipes GP Yes
   Type HP Cleaner Aerosol (cat #HPY-12) HPY Yes
   Type HP Cleaner Bulk Packages HP Yes
   Type HP Cleaner Saturated Wipes HP Yes
   Type HP Cleaner Canister (cat #HP-D72) HP Yes
   Type KC Cleaner Aerosol (cat #KC-4 & KC-16) KC Yes
   Type NF Cleaner Wipes NF Yes
   Type P7 Penetrating Oil (cat #P7-12) P7 Yes
   Type RP Cleaner Wipes RP Yes
   Type TR Cleaner Aerosol (cat #TR-16) TR Yes
   Type TR Cleaner Wipes TR Yes
   UPR Utility Pole Repair (NF) UPR Yes
   UPR Utility Pole Repair (PR) UPR Yes
   W-1 Wax & Buff Wipes W Yes
   W-16 Fiberglass Wax W Yes
   ZipSeal Duct Sealant ZIP Yes

Only our most frequently requested material safety data sheets
are listed above. Call Customer Service at (800) 328-9384
if you need one that is not listed.

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