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Polywater® J

High Performance
Wire & Cable
Pulling Lubricant

For Heavy Cable Installations

  • Maximum Friction Reduction

  • Clean and Non-Staining

  • High Cling Factor

  • Compatible With Common* Cables

  • Application System

  • Temperature Stable

Polywater® Lubricant J is a high performance, clean, slow-drying, water-based gel lubricant. Lubricant J provides maximum tension reduction in all types of cable pulling. It is especially recommended for long pulls, multiple-bend pulls and pulls in a hot environment. Lubricant J dries to form a thin lubricating film which retains its lubricity for months after use.

Polywater® Lubricant J is a specification-grade lubricant that does not promote flame propagation when used with fire-retardant cables and systems. It is harmless to humans, environmentally safe, compatible with all common* cable jacket materials, and can be easily applied as part of the unique Polywater® Lubricant Application System.

Polywater® Lubricant WJ (winter grade) has the same characteristics as Polywater® Lubricant J and is specially formulated for use in temperatures as low as -20°F (-30°C).

Front End Pack A conduit-sized polyethylene bag of lubricant. The Front End Pack travels through the conduit on the winch line prelubricating the conduit ahead of the cable being pulled.

Package Size Lubricant J
Product #
Winter Grade
Product #
55-gal drum (208 l) J-Drum WJ-Drum 1
5-gal pail (18.9 l) J-640 WJ-640 1
1-gal pail (3.8 l) J-128 WJ-128 4
½-gal FEP in 5-gal pail (1.9 l) J-110 WJ-110 10
1-quart FEP in 5-gal pail (.95 l) J-99 WJ-99 16
½-gal FEP in carton (1.9 l) J-55 WJ-55 6
1-quart squeeze bottle (.95 l) J-35 WJ-35 12
1-quart FEP in carton (.95 l) J-27 WJ-27 12

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*Polywater® J is NOT RECOMMENDED for LSZH/LSHF and certain CSPE cable jackets.
  Contact American Polywater for specific recommendations on "low smoke zero halogen" or "chlorosulfonated polyethylene" cable jacket types.

Important Notice: The statements and information here are made in good faith based on tests and observations we believe to be reliable. However, the completeness and accuracy of the information is not guaranteed. Before using, the end-user should conduct whatever evaluations are necessary to determine that the product is suitable for the intended use. The user assumes all risks and liability in connection with such use. The statements contained herein are made in lieu of all warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, which warranties are hereby expressly disclaimed. American Polywater's only obligation shall be to replace such quantity of the product proven to be defective. Except for the replacement remedy, American Polywater shall not be liable for any loss, injury or damage, direct or indirect, arising from the use or the failure to properly use these products, regardless of the legal theory asserted. The foregoing may not be altered except by a written agreement by the officers of American Polywater Corporation.

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