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Cable Installation
Engineering Video

What Engineers & Consultants
Need to Know

A training video on Cable Installation Engineering that demonstrates wire and conduit lubrication, liquid and gel pulling compounds, tension calculation, lube application methods, and prelubricating techniques, compatibility testing, friction reduction, and raceway design.


This 13-minute training video examines the engineering aspects of installing cable in conduit. Topics covered include the nature of cable pulling friction; using software to estimate pulling tensions, determine pull feasibility, and design optimal cable runs; the causes of cable failure; cable/lubricant compatibility; lubricant residue combustibility; cable lubricant specification; and more.

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(Low resolution streaming video in "Windows® Media Video" WMV format)

A higher resolution version of this video is included with American Polywater's full-line catalog on CD.   To request a catalog CD, complete this Mail List application form and be sure to click the "Full-Line Product Catalog" button near the bottom of the page.   Note that subscription to newsletters is not required.   You can also contact American Polywater at 1-800-328-9384 or 1-651-430-2270, or email a catalog request to   Be sure to include full contact information.

This video is included with purchase of the Pull-Planner Cable Pulling Software on CD.

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