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American Polywater's
Foam Sealant (FST) Quantity Calculation Page

Introduction: This page will estimate the quantity of two-part FST liquid required to seal a conduit or multiple conduits.  Polywater's FST Duct Seal expands and hardens to a closed-cell foam.  The foam seal keeps water, gases, acids, greases, insects and rodents out of the conduit.  The calculator determines the amount of liquid base required.

The FST-250 caulking tube package has centimeter (cm) markings on the label and the recommended use quantity is in cm. A full FST-250 caulk-style tube contains 8.6 cms of liquid base. The FST-MINI uses a specialty application tool. Each cartridge contains 20 squirts of liquid base. Recommended use quantity is given in number of squirts.

FST-250 Caulk-style Tube
for Large Ducts

FST-MINI 50mL Dual Cartridge
for Small Ducts

Data Entry: The data input is straight forward.   Select duct size, FST package style, and the number of ducts.  The calculation provides a target quantity for each conduit followed by the total number of packages needed for the whole job.  See www.polywater.com/FSTuse.pdf or www.polywater.com/FSTMINIuse.pdf for installation instructions. For more detailed job planning or questions, please contact customer service at 800-328-9384.

FST Calculator

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Conduit Size
1/2 Inch (13mm)
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1 1/4 Inch (32mm)
1 1/2 Inch (38mm)

2 Inch (51mm)
3 Inch (76mm)
4 Inch (102mm)
5 Inch (127mm)
6 Inch (152mm)
8 Inch (203mm)
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