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Polywater Calculator

A Calculator for Determining Optimal Cable Pulling Lubricant Quantity for Wiring Installations in Duct, Conduit and Raceway.

American Polywater's
Lubricant Quantity Calculation Page

Calculate the Quantity of Polywater® Pulling Lubricant Needed for a Pull

Introduction: This page will estimate the amount of Polywater® Lubricant needed for a cable pull. This estimate is based on conduit size, pull length and other details about the pull. This calculator is designed to estimate the lubricant needed for a single pull. To estimate the total amount of lubricant required for a job that has multiple pulls, please use the Jobs Calculator.

Data Entry: To use the calculator, first choose the system of units (metric or English) that you wish to use. Metric units will return a quantity in liters and English units return the quantity in quarts or gallons. Next, use the option boxes to specify the total bend in the pull and the general condition of the conduit. Less than 180 degrees of bend and conduit in "good" condition are chosen by default. More lubricant is usually required for conduits in poor condition (rusty, dirty, wet, etc.) and in runs with a high degree of bend.

Lastly, enter the nominal ID of the conduit and the length of the cable run. You can click on the option boxes for the typical conduit sizes or directly enter an ID in the text box. The run length must be directly entered in the box. The calculator may overestimate the amount of lubricant needed for a single cable pulled into an oversize conduit (low conduit fill percentage). Use the OD of the cable rather than the ID of the conduit to compensate in this case. The Calculate Button returns your data to American Polywater's web server. The results with any notes and suggested links are returned and shown beneath your data.

This calculator will be easiest to use if you expand this page to full screen size. These introductory paragraphs will disappear after your first calculation for increased speed. Please use the link at page bottom to e-mail questions or comments.

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Cumulative Bends in Pull

 180° or less
 181° to 360°
 Over 360°

Conduit Condition

 Fair or Poor

Measurement Units


Run Length
3/4 Inch (19 mm)
1 Inch (25 mm)
1.5 Inch (38 mm)
2 Inch (51 mm)
3 Inch (76 mm)
4 Inch (102 mm)
5 Inch (127 mm)
6 Inch (152 mm)

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