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Polywater Calculator

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Lubricant Quantity Calculator and Package Selector

Determine the Amount of Polywater® Pulling Lubricant and
the Packages Suggested for a Multi-Pull Job

Introduction: This page will estimate the amount of Polywater® Lubricant needed for a job with multiple conduit sizes and cable pulls. The estimate is based on the total length of conduit by size. Use results from this calculator as a service for your large customers and to be proactive in selling Polywater® Pulling Lubricants to them. If you need help in building brand preference with your customer or in deciding which Polywater® lube is best for the job, please call our customer service department toll-free at 1-800-328-9384. We will have a factory person or our representative work with you on the problem.

Data Entry: To use the calculator, first choose the system of units (metric or English) that you wish to use. Metric units will return a total quantity in liters and English units in gallons. You must enter the total length of conduit for the job for each nominal conduit ID (interior diameter). The small differences between the actual ID's of different types of conduit are not significant in the calculations.

The first eight rows contain pre-entered conduit diameters that cannot be changed. For any different size conduit, enter the conduit ID in row 9 or 10 (column 1). The total length of conduit for each conduit ID on the job should be entered in column 2. To clarify appropriate data entry, the data boxes you can use are framed in red. Data boxes with pre-set data are framed in blue and calculations in tan. The Calculate Button returns your data to American Polywater's web server. The results are returned in the quantity section of the table. A suggested package mix with catalog numbers is also presented in a following table. The Suggested Packages Table can be redone using American Polywater's unique Front End Pack™ prelubrication system by clicking on that button. Additional comments are in a message box beneath the tables.

We value our distributors' input on ways to use this calculator to increase your pulling lubricant sales. Please feel free to call or e-mail us with suggestions. This page will be easiest to use if you expand it to full screen size. These introductory paragraphs will disappear after your first calculation for increased speed.



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