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IceFree Quantity Calculation Page

Calculate the Amount of IceFree Gel Required To Fill a Length of Conduit

Introduction: This page will calculate the quantity of IceFree™ Gel required to completely fill the annulus around a cable in a conduit. The IceFree™ Gel is an American Polywater product primarily used to protect fiber optic cable from the crushing damage of ice when the cable/duct is exposed to sub-freezing temperatures. To learn more about the IceFree™ Gel and its use, click on this link to additional IceFree™ Gel information.

Data Entry: The data input required is straight forward. You must specify the conduit's ID (inner diameter) and the cable's OD (outer diameter). The line diagram below should clarify this. The cable's OD must be less than the conduit's ID. Cable and conduit diameter entries are rounded to two decimal places in the English system (inches) and one decimal place in the metric system (mm).

To operate the calculator, first choose the system of units you wish to use. All three input fields must be completed. The Calculate Button sends your data to Polywater's web server for calculation. The results are returned and shown in the box below the data input fields. The Demonstrate Button automatically fills all fields and sends the information out for calculation. The calculator will be easier to see and use if you expand this page to full screen size. To speed up operation, these introductory paragraphs will not appear after your first calculation.


Conduit ID
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Length to be Filled


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Link to Additional IceFree™ Gel Information

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