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Image 1 Mile-Long Cable Pull under Pearl Harbor
An extraordinary installation under this historic site required a lengthy directional drill and then a cable pull.  A Polywater Field Story discusses the tension planning and lubrication procedures for this mile-long 46-kV cable pull. --
Image 2 Cleaning Protective Rubber Goods and Grounds
While industrial cleaners and solvents will remove grime from protective rubber gear and grounds, they can also damage the rubber. Read the "hows" and "whys" of cleaning rubber goods in this Polywater White Paper. --
Image 3 Boom Truck Safety and Cleaning Article
An article on aerial boom inspection, testing, and maintenance procedures appeared in the February 2007 issue of "Transmission and Distribution World" magazine. Ameren's maintenance and cleaning procedures include the use of Polywater's B-1 Boom Wipe. --
Image 4 Microduct Installation for Fiber Optic Microcables
Microduct is a popular and adaptable method of placing fiber optic microcables in MDU's. This Polywater Lab Report presents friction data and analysis for microduct placed in an occupied HDPE duct. --

Technical Talk is an opt-in, technical publication from American Polywater Corporation issued on an irregular basis. Technical Talk presents original product and applications research in the general area of electrical and telecommunications construction.

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