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Special Issue - New Applications Videos
Polywater® FST™ Duct Sealant Keep Trouble Out Of Your Duct
Polywater® high-expansion foam keeps water, sewer gas, dirt, and even copper thieves out of your duct.  See how it works in this installation video. --
View the 5:50 minute video...
Hand Application Hand Application - Simple and Effective
Applying pulling lubricant by hand is simple and straight-forward.  When there is a cable feeder or guide tube, liquid lubricant can be poured onto the cable as it enters the tube.  See the hand application options available. --
View the 4:20 minute video...
Polywater® Front End Packs™ Prelubricate Conduit On Tough Pulls
Polywater® Front End Packs lubricate the conduit ahead of the cable being pulled.  This reduces friction at bends and other critical areas.  See thedetails.
View the 3:30 minute video...
Cable Pulling Lubricant Pump For No Mess - Pump
Pumping provides quality pulling lubricant application with no mess.  See both a hand-operated and an electric-drill-powered pump in action. --
View the 4:20 minute video...
Cable Pulling Lubricant Spray New – Spray-On Pulling Lubricant!
Spraying is a unique and convenient method for applying pulling lubricant.  The new, highly-concentrated, “water-thin” Polywater® SPY is perfect for spray application.  Watch field spraying techniques. --
View the 2:54 minute video...
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Technical Talk is an opt-in, technical publication from American Polywater Corporation issued on an irregular basis. Technical Talk presents original product and applications research in the general area of electrical and telecommunications construction.

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